Imspector Licenses

Newer versions of Imspector require a signed license file to be installed on the computer for hardware operation and some advanced data analysis features. Usually, generating and installing this license file will be handled by Abberior Instruments support.

However, if your system is not online or if time is of the essence and you need a new license file for your system, or you require a data analysis license for another computer, you may be asked to send a license template in order to speed up the process have it signed by our support and then install the license manually. In this case, please:

  • Download the license hash utility 'ailh_sfx.exe'
  • Copy it onto the machine you need a license for and execute it.
    It will write a file license.dat and open an explorer window with the file already selected. Please transfer it to a computer with online access and send it to your service contact through the usual means (ideally, the ticket system).
  • Your service contact will send you two files: A modified license.dat and the signature file license.dat.signature Copy them to C:\ProgramData\AbberiorInstruments\Imspector on the machine that executed the hash utility.
The license will only work on the computer and, if applicable the microscope it was created for. Copying the files may require an elevated user account. The next time you start Imspector, it will use the updated license.