Support Server

This is the support site for Imspector by Abberior Instruments.
Imspector is the software platform for the Abberior Instruments Expert, Infinity, Facility Line and Minflux microscopes. This site provides online updates and handles online features of Imspector. You can also upload files you want to share with us.

Manual diagnostic uploads

Customers running Imspector on a computer without network access can manually complete some of tasks that would otherwise be handled automatically:

Depending on your internet connection you may also want to upload large creash reports manually. In the rare cases where a full process memory dump is needed to track down an issue, our support team will show you how to create such reports and how to upload them.

Imspector on Home-Built Microscopes

Imspector had originally been developed in the Department of NanoBiophotonics at the Max-Planck-Institute for biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen. Even before Abberior Instrumnts was founded, it had been used in many imaging projects both in Department and in other labs around the world.
The original software remains in use at the MPI and in several other research groups to drive custom microscopes but all development has moved to Abberior Instruments. Similarly, documentation and howtos for the current version of Imspector have moved to the microscope manuals and white papers. However, some useful documentation about the file formats and the remote interface can be found here:

In some cases, Imspector may still be a good approach to control your custom microscope. If you intend to use Imspector in such a way or want to update a legacy version, please contact Please include details about the hardware you intend to use or are currently using.

Citing Imspector

If you were using imspector for your data acquisition or analysis and would like to cite it please use something along the lines of the following reference, replacing v16.3 with the version actually used:

Abberior Instruments Development Team, Imspector Image Acquisition & Analysis Software v16.3,